EastSide Sound Recording Studio installs Nordost Cables

EastSide Sound’s chief engineer, Marc Urselli, has embraced Nordost as his permanent cabling choice for all of his future recording sessions.

We were introduced to Marc through our collaboration with Newvelle Records, an exciting, new company who produce original, high quality, vinyl recordings, which are distributed to their customers in bi-monthly subscriptions. Marc recently installed Nordost cables at the Manhattan-based recording studio, EastSide Sound where they will be used to record Newvelle’s fourth season of jazz recordings.


While installing the cables, Marc conducted an A/B test and was immediately amazed by the impact the switch made:

“I was initially skeptical about the fact that an audio cable might be able to make more than just a subtle difference in sound. When I got to test these cables, I was blown away by how big the difference actually was. It wasn’t just a subtle thing that only an audio engineer or an audiophile would hear, but a clear improvement in the overall frequency response of the signal that EVERYONE can hear! Sound comes through without restriction, in its full, bold, rich and wide original state! More low end, more high end and more of EVERYTHING!” – Marc Urselli

Nordost-EastSide Sound-3

It isn’t every day that a five-time nominated and three-time Grammy award winning recording and mixing engineer describes the impact of a product in such glowing terms.


Nordost is thrilled that their product was invited to take up permanent residency at such a well-respected studio. EastSide Sound is the recording studio where Marc Urselli has either recorded or mixed iconic musicians such as Sting, U2, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Peter Frampton, Jack DeJohnette, Esperanza Spalding, Lou Reed, and Nick Cave. Partnerships such as this are the perfect opportunity for people to experience, not only what Nordost cables can do in a hifi system, but throughout the entire recording process as well.


As Marc ob served, adding Nordost cables takes the recording from “black and white to color”!

Nordost has captured the installation and A/B test on

video, for you to enjoy and share: WATCH HERE



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