The 25 best tips for better listening.

Relax! or: Getting along with the neighbors

Of course, anyone who knows a thing or two will immediately ask: Why 25 tips? Why not 100, 1000 or some other number that looks much cooler than this arbitrary 25? Why not 1001?
It goes without saying, that for a true high-ender, when it comes to getting a better sound from a hi-fi system, no expense is too high, no explanation is too abstruse, and no wallet is too thick. It is easy to get lost among all the temptations.
Now and then, it’s simply time to approach this incredibly cool hi-fi-system thing “from scratch” (once again). But perhaps you also want to introduce a brand-new hi-fi acquaintance to the basics of your hobby without immediately scaring them off with crazy sums or bizarre rituals. That comes later. Maybe. Hopefully.
This 25-part quick guide for better listening is intended as a brazen, entertaining (re-)introduction to the topic. Here, even those who think they already know it all are given fresh food for thought, things to discuss, and suggestions. Of course, we are aware that as you get deeper into this topic, each new experience also raises new questions and demonstrates new aspects. Eventually you reach a point where not even 1000 tips are anywhere near enough.
But the 25 tips in this booklet are ideal as an enjoyable, pleasurable way for you to (re-)conquer high fidelity – with your brain ticking over.
On that note, have fun! And welcome to the second-most important topic in the world.
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