Why not buy one, two, several systems!

Are you always in such a good mood? Or do you sometimes feel lucky, sad, tired, mad and in love? There are many moods and the same applies to the music that you like listening to depending on what mood you are in.
That can also be applied to stereo systems. If you are currently intending to invest a larger sum of money in such a system, then not every piece of equipment has to be the biggest, the most expensive or the most prestigious version available. Perhaps spare a thought about what it might be like to own a main and an ancillary system.
In many audiophile households the secondary system trend is gaining popularity. The main system, which delivers not only better performance but also more potential cachet, is often located in what civilized people call the “lounge”. And in the bedroom or home-office/workroom you often find a slimmed-down, specific-purpose mini-chain, consisting for example of a digital iPod dock and an active loudspeaker with digital input port. Or of a CD-player along with triode amplifier and broadband loudspeakers.
A pretty funky alternative is to use a music server connected to a number of clients in several living areas. This enables you to fill your lounge, bedroom, dining room, kitchen and home-office/workroom with sound from a central source -– and depending on what type of device you have installed with different music too.
Whatever the case may be – such solutions not only allow you to base your choice on different sound characteristics but also enable you to listen to premium-quality music in a relaxed fashion, if your partner is occupying the lounge by staging her afternoon coffee party or a round of poker with his buddies.
So pause for a moment before you allocate your budget and think about your day-to-day routines – and how you get the issue of hi-fi to dovetail with those routines.

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