There are many ways of producing a great sound

Do you recall Tip No. 5? That was all to do with the style(s) of music that you like listening to. By choosing the right type of loudspeaker, you can exercise a major influence on the quality of music reproduction you get.
If you want to make your living space echo to a more-than-decent sound, if you attach importance to powerfully seductive bass reproduction, you can’t avoid the good old dynamic loudspeaker. In this case it is usually advisable to opt for a tower or standing loudspeaker.
Things are different if your preference is more acoustic music – irrespective of whether orchestral and chamber music or even jazz combos are involved. In this case it’s worth experimenting with electrostatic loudspeakers (ESLs) too, because they are characterized by superb musical transparency, subtle sonic detail, good impulse response and a high degree of resolution clarity. Furthermore the large panel surfaces also deliver decent instrument sound imaging reproduction.
Horn loudspeakers can also give so-called “hand-made” music a fascinating edge. These are usually above-averagely efficient, which however allows for the use of low-power tube amplifiers that nevertheless deliver a colorful sound.
If you attach particular importance to comprehensive spatial imaging or don’t want to get pinned down to a specific “sweet spot” within your living space, then omnidirectional loudspeakers can provide you with an authentic aha moment.
If on the other hand you mainly listen to small-ensemble, vocals music, then maybe you should try a full-ranger. Whilst you can’t annoy your neighbors with it, you are instead rewarded with an especially subtle tonal and spatial performance.
The moral of the story is: Why not try out something that’s not out of the box – it could be the start of a lifelong friendship!

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