NAS Music storage and availability

As Karl Valentin (Bavarian comic, cabaret performer, author and movie director) didn’t say: “Storage is great, but it also involves a lot of work”. Anybody, who has ever decided to digitalize their music collection, is frequently confronted not only by a deluge of great opportunities but also by a number of risks and sources of error. There are countless audio formats, protected server environments, player software programs, multi-room concepts – you can hardly see the wood for the trees!
But it’s actually not that difficult. Just answer the following question truthfully:  “Am I a nerd?”
If the answer is “No!”, you should contemplate an all-in-one device, which is a combination of music server, streamer and storage medium. Nowadays these devices have at least 1 terabyte of memory. Depending on device and configuration, you can thus siphon off all the music on your computer, centrally manage and play it. And should a new CD be added to your collection, a temporary readout can be performed (ripping) and the stored music added. Operation is app-based – sorted! And if that seems like too much effort: go and visit a specialist retailer. The retailer will be delighted to provide you with a turnkey solution for home-use – and install it upon request.
If on the other hand you are an authentic nerd, just love celebrating mega file-renaming orgies and delight in converting FLAC files into Ogg Vorbis format and back again, then you should buy a system that is as modular and open as possible. It should consist at a minimum of a NAS server and a streaming bridge. You can integrate both into your home network and from then on you’re free as a bird: choice of media player, countless parameter settings, workload sharing between your PC and NAS server – it’s all in your hands. A solution like that always enables you to retain for-the-future flexibility, because ultimately the data is located in a standardized format on a RAID system. Microsoft and Apple won’t be able to dictate what you do with this data not even once in ten years. That’s a nice thought, right?

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