Proper positioning of components and loudspeakers in the room

The basic prerequisite for getting good sound is the correct geometric relationship between you and the two loudspeakers. Your listening position should be between the two loudspeakers and at least as far away from them as the lateral distance between them.
In turn, while taking the aforementioned into account, this lateral distance should be determined experimentally: the greater it is, the more extensive the stereophonic stage seems. But be careful! If you put the loudspeakers too far apart from each other, you fall into the so-called “hole in the middle”. Sound sources (usually voices) that are positioned exactly in the middle of the stereo mix can then no longer be precisely located.
The closer the loudspeakers are to the walls, the greater the amplification of low frequencies. This can be actively exploited if the loudspeakers are somewhat weak and feeble, but in many cases, this leads to unwanted bass exaggeration.
Some loudspeakers sound better when parallel to the rear wall. However, other loudspeakers benefit from being slightly toed-in toward the listening position. Whatever you like is allowed: put on some music, close your eyes and let someone you trust “push around” the loudspeakers until they sound right. You will quickly find out what degree of toe-in suits your room the best.
In addition, the position of the components should not be forgotten. Setups with the hi-fi rack or cabinet sitting proudly in the middle between the two loudspeakers (like an altar) are popular. In terms of sound, this is a plain catastrophe! Direct sound and interference alarm! In general, the further the components are from the loudspeakers, the better. Ideally, there should be nothing at all between the loudspeakers – and the hi-fi furniture should be far away by a side wall (but preferably not in a corner of the room). It’s better to take somewhat longer cables: the expenditure certainly pays off.

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